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Boa tarde meus amigos, alguém disposto a ajudar nas conquistas do Tomb Raider Definitive Edition ? O Jogo está disponivel no Game Pass, porém como é de se esperar o modo multiplayer está morto e não tem nenhum player online.

Separei algumas conquistas com descrição e guias em videos pra facilitar. Algumas da pra fazer com dois players, outras com 3 mas a pior é a de jogar e ganhar uma partida no modo rankeado, pois se não tem ninguém online simplesmente não libera a sala pra jogar. tenho um colega gringo disponível pra ajudar, ele disse que consegue um cara pra fazer o boost e ajudar também.

Seguem algumas informações

Conquistas que da pra pegar SOZINHO

Monkey Around

Conquistas que precisam de no minimo 2 Pessoas na sala (Você +1)

This achievement will require at least two players and is best done on the Beach map in a Free-For-All Private Match. When the match starts, both players will want to meet in the middle of the map, where a machine gun turret can be found atop a small rock structure. Now simply mount yourself on the turret by tapping "X" and kill your partner a total of twenty times.

These kills will be cumulative, so do not worry if the timer runs out and you only achieved a portion of the twenty kills. The achievement will unlock immediately after you have earned your twentieth turret kill.

"Down Boy!"
This achievement will require at least two players and is best done on the Beach map in a Free-For-All Private Match. When the match launches, simply meet each other at the zipline near the large metal lift in the center of the map. At the base of the zipline, one player will need to tap "A" to grab the line - do not use the Rope Ascender to shoot up the line, simply stay put. The second player just has to shoot them and kill them while they are still hanging on for the achievement to unlock.

Using an assault rifle or pistol will usually only chip away at their health and knock them off the zipline. If this happens, simply drain their health until they are near death, then attempt the achievement again. Alternatively, using the bow and aiming for their head will instantly kill them, so either method works fine!


This achievement requires at least two players to be present and can be done on any game mode or any map in a Private Match. When the match begins, both players will want to locate a circular rope laying flat on the ground. If one player stands over the rope, you will be able to tap "X" in order to “set it up” as a trap. After the rope is prepped, have the other player walk over the rope and it will catch their foot and hang them upside down.

Once the player is caught, the achievement will unlock. Make sure to shoot yourself down from the trap and repeat this process with a different rope trap for the other player.

"Lights Out"

This achievement only requires two players and can be done in any gametype within a Private Match. Once the match starts, meet up with your partner at a central location and simple press the "Y" when you are behind them to insta-kill them with a fierce melee attack.

Once they spawn, you will want to continue meeting up and obtaining your melee kills until the achievement unlocks.

Monkey Around

This achievement requires as little as two players. Load up a Free-For-All Private Match on Beach, and have both players meet near one of the ziplines – preferably the line located near the metal lift in the center of the map.

The player that is NOT going for the achievement will want to shoot their partner just enough times to that their health drops to a critical state. The player that is going for the achievement will then want to jump onto the zipline and press "X" to use the Rope Ascender. This will shoot you to the top of the zipline rapidly. (Método pra fazer sozinho em vídeo)

Conquistas que precisam de no minimo 3 Pessoas na sala (Você +2)

"Good Samaritan"

This achievement will require at least three players to be present and must be done in the Rescue gametype in a Private Match. In the pre-game lobby, have one player reside on the Solarii team, while the other two situate themselves with the Survivors.

Once the match has started, meet up anywhere on the map, and have the one Solarri player shoot and down one of the Survivors. The player will enter a “last stand” state, and their partner will have to revive them. Press "B" to revive your teammate and the achievement will unlock! Repeat this same method for the other Survivor before quitting out of the match.

"Sole Survivor"

Sole survivor on your multiplayer team. Multiplayer Online (10)
This achievement will require at least three players so be present. Once all the players are ready, load up a Team Deathmatch Private Match, and have it set up so that it’s two players against one player. You will now want to meet at a central location and have the sole player kill a player on the opposing team.

The player who remains alive on the team with two players will be deemed as the “sole survivor” and will unlock the achievement right away.

"Master Blaster"

This achievement will require three players and is best done in a Free-For-All Private Match. Once the match starts, have all three players meet near a red gasoline barrel. Two players will want to stand near the barrel, while the third player stands back to shoot the barrel with any weapon. Once the barrel explodes, it will kill both players and the achievement will unlock.

Conquistas que precisam de no minimo 4 Pessoas na sala (Você +3)

"I'm all that!"

This is the only achievement that cannot be boosted, however, you can still invite your friends to your match if there is room in the pre-game lobby. There are only four gametypes that must be won. These are listed below:

Team Deathmatch
Cry For Help
Overall, none of these gametypes should pose as a threat in gaining a victory. Free-For-All will be quite easy, as you could always opt to have your partners allow you to kill them. The other three team-based modes are quite simple if you communicate with your teammates effectively and do not stray away from the objective.

As a note, if it so happens that you get into an empty lobby and have filled the match up with all of your boosting partners through invites, you can have the other team quit out once the match starts, and it will still count as a win.
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