Confirmado Dead Cells nos consoles!

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Parece bom mesmo.
Vi que está em Early Access, talvez saia no Game Preview do Xbox ainda esse ano, a não ser que eles façam questão de lançar todas as versões juntas.
Ele já tá perto de sair versão final

Eu gosto bastante dele

Mas possivelmente é aquele jogo que já joguei tanto no early que não tenho mais ânimo de rejogar a versão final

No switch talvez me anime


Porto Alegre / RS
O preço da live tá ótimo, na Steam está mais caro R$47,90.. paguei 22 na última promoção da STeam e estou adorando, se bobear pego na live tb, até pq na PSN está R$89,90 com desconto de pré-order fica R$71,xx um valor bem mais alto que da live...
O game é simples e viciante!


Porto Alegre
Reviews começaram a sair, tá com 92 no PC até o momento (Xbox One também), no PS4 tá com 90 mas com 13 críticas a mais que as outras plataformas. Enfim, tudo indica que é mais um excelente jogo do estilo chegando.

E, por mais 11 horas, o jogo está custando R$ 39,20 na Live, mais barato que no Steam.

EGM - 95
At first glance, Dead Cells might seem like another overhyped Metroidvania-style platformer trying to break into the stuffed platformer genre, but it's actually worthy of all its praise. Motion Twin's impeccable implementation of roguelike elements into a classic 2D exploration game is the key ingredient that makes it all work, and the impressive controls don't hurt either. The enemy variety and story might not be groundbreaking, but the positives eclipse any of the game's small negative aspects. Dead Cells is a standout in the genre.
GameInformer - 90
Dead Cells is one of the more approachable and rewarding roguelikes I’ve encountered. Dying is never fun in games of this ilk, but the well-designed reward loop softens that blow and bolsters all subsequent runs, making the experience more about exploration and time committed than just player skill.
Destructoid - 90
When I finally finished my first full run my heart was pounding. Then it's time to repeat the process again, experimenting with a wild newfound power that's unlocked after completion and items I've never used before. I'll probably be doing that for longer than any roguelike in recent memory.
US Gamer - 90
Dead Cells comes screaming out of its prison cell strong. Things slow down a bit as the progression system and run repetition set in, but the moment-to-moment action stays fantastic all the way through.
PC Gamer – 90
A stellar action platformer with gorgeous presentation and excellent combat. Punishing but worth it.
Gamespot – 90
Dead Cells is a phenomenal effort to blend together some very disparate genres into a tight, cohesive whole. It's one of the better examples of how to remix ideas without losing their individual strengths.
Easy Allies - 80
Dead Cell’s challenging encounters, rewarding exploration and meaningful upgrades mash together in a slick and successful way. While some moments can be frustrating and feel like a bit of a grind, conquering the island and unraveling its many mysteries is a gratifying journey.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun – sem score
Blisteringly fast when it needs to be, challenging without being frustrating, and packed with sharp, fatal toys, Dead Cells doesn’t keep you on your toes, it keeps you on your toenails.
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